United phosphorus stock tips updated on 26th June 2015, Friday.


UPL moving in a range bound zone as long as stock moving in between its pattern trend will be mix with no clear direction. Sharp movement can be seen once stock comes out from its pattern.
So far its major trend indicators just turned positive this will favor bulls as shown in above graph.
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What is Intraday Tips ?

Q. What is Intraday Tips / Inraday Trading / Delivery trading.

A. There are basically two types of trading on stock market--
1- Delivery
2- Intraday

Delivery trading is one in which shares are bought and can only be sold after they are delivered by the broker.that means that they cannot be sold the same day , and delivery takes two to three days after they are bought and then they are ready to be sold.

Intraday trading which takes place for that very particular day and there is no delivery..they can be bought and sold the same day...and are automatically sold at the end of the trading session if you have not sold it by yourself during the trading session. The person who suggest such types of forecast is called

Intraday Tips