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Technical Analysis On Karnataka Bank - 17th April 2014 (Thursday).

  • Karnataka Bank facing strong resistance at current levels, we can expect correction from current levels.
  • Stock also trading below 10 days moving average, indication down side.
  • Stock also facing bollinger bank support around 115.
  • If starts trading below 115 then can see some correction in KTK Bank.
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Intraday Technical Analysis On POLARIS FIN TECH - 16th April 2014

  • Polaris Fin Tech facing Bolliger Band support level.
  • We can see some Intraday Selling once stock starts trading below 187. Close Watch
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Technical Analysis On Dr Reddys Labs - 16th April 2014 (Wednesday).

  • Dr Reddys has formed head and shoulder pattern (As a reversal pattern in uptrend).
  • And stock also trading below 50 days moving average.
  • Strong support around 2515. Close Watch So far indicating bearish formation and can see selling, if market supports..
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Technical Analysis On ROLTA (I) - 16th April 2014 (Wednesday).

  • ROLTA (I) moving in an up channel ... indicates up trend only.
  • Also Stock is now facing resistance @ 80. Also moving from its 10 days moving average , indicates up trend.
  • Can expect some up move if stock starts trading above 80. Upper side Fibonacci Retracement level around 88.
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