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Coal India limited technical chart updated on 050615.

Coal India technical analysis of stocks indicates that it has closed above its strong trend line resistance zone, as long as it holds above its trend line resistance zone bulls will be favored.

Bajaj finance services limited technical chart updated on 050615.

Stock moving up from strong trend line support zone. On upper side Bajaj Fin Ser finding strong trend line resistance, will favor bulls if closes and holds above.
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Ambuja Cements technical chart stock tips update for 050615.


Ambuja cements finding strong trend line support at current levels, technical indicates sharp fall can be seen once stock closes and holds below its trend line.

TATA global forecast for 05th June 2015, Friday.

TATA global finding strong trend line support at current levels, bears will b favored once stock closes and holds below.
As long as holds above bulls have some hopes for bounce back.
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TATA steel Indian stock market tips updated on 05th June 2015, Friday.

TATA steel closed below its strong trend line support zone, technical indicates as long as it holds below bears will be favored as its previous support now acting as its resistance.
Its trend indicators as moving in -ve zone this will favor bears.
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Free intraday tips on nifty futures updated on 05th June 2015, Friday.

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Nifty futures intraday technical chart indicates that it is holding at strong support zone and also witnessing resistance at 23.6% fibonacci retracement as shown in above image. Chart indicates that we can see some intraday action once nifty futures starts trading above its resistance zone.
So far its major trend indicators are turned positive this will favor bulls.
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