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STRIDES ACROLABS-STAR - Technical Analysis point of View. Dated:21st May 2014 (Wednesday).

  • STRIDES ACROLABS facing strong 2nd fibonacci retracement support at current level.
  • Stock also trading above 20 days moving average , will favor bulls as long as trades above.
  • STAR also in flag, close watch once starts trading above 520 with volumes then can see some bullish activity in STAR.
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MASTEK LTD - Stock facing strong support - Tips On Shares. Dated:21st May 2014 (Wednesday).

  • MASTEK facing strong 50% fibonacci retracement support in weekly charts.
  • Stock also facing trend line support at current levels in weekly charts as shown above
  • Close watch stock currently trading below 200 days moving average in daily chart, Mastek must start trading above 200 days moving average to favor bulls.
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INFY - Stock facing strong support at current levels Dated:20th may 2014 (Tuesday).

  • INFY is now facing strong support at current levels, as shown above stock is now facing weekly fibonacci retracement 50% strong support.
  • Stock also facing its previous resistance line , which is now acting as support. 
  • Close Watch if holds this support then infy share can bounce back.
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JUBILANT LIFE SCIENCE moving from support, Now testing resistance @ 183.50. Dated:20th May 2014 (Tuesday).

  • JUBILANT LIFE SCIENCE moving from 50 days moving average as shown above. Stock gave long bullish candle.
  • Stock is testing its fibonacci retracement resistance around 183.50.
  • Bullish will get active once stock starts trading above 183.50 with volumes, close watch.
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Technical Analysis On VIP INDS, stock to test its resistance around 110. Dated: 20th May 2014 (Tuesday).

  • VIP INDS stock moving from 50% fibonacci retracement in daily charts, will now test 110 resistance zone.
  • Stock also trading above 20 days moving average, stock to favor bulls as long as trades above.
  • Stock will also face trend line resistance in weekly charts as shown above, Close watch if stock starts trading above 110 with volume and stays above then bulls to have grip in VIP INDS,
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TATA COMMUNICATIONS on the verge of breakout Dated:20th May 2014 (Tuesday).

  • TATA COMMUNICATION is moving in a range of 320-260.
  • Any side breakout with volumes will give strong move.
  • As shown above stock is facing resistance around 320 in daily chart, once starts trading above 320 with volumes then bulls to get active in TATA COMMUNICATIONS.
  • Upper side trend line resistance around 335, 335.
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Intraday EROS MEDIA resistance around 171. 20th May 2014 (Tuesday).

  • EROS MEDIA facing 50 days moving average support.
  • If stock moved up from current levels then will face trend line resistance around 171.
  • Close Watch once starts trading above 171 then can expect some intraday action.
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