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FINPIPE trading calls, Strength expecting above 344.


  • FINPIPE moving up from strong trend line support zone... this will favor bulls, further strength expecting once stock closes and stays above 344.
  • Chart also indicates stock is moving up from 23.6% fibonacci retracement and 100 DMA, this too will favor bulls to take stock price further up.
  • Once stock closes and holds above 344 then FINPIPE will find next strong resistance around 375 its 161.8% fibonacci retracement. Close Watch.
  • Trading Calls.

REC LTD moving up from Golden ratio support zone.


  • REC LTD moving up from golden ratio support zone in monthly chart, this indicates stock to favor bulls as long as holds above.
  • Technical chart also indicates that stock is currently trading below 200 DMA, it must starts trading above 200 DMA to favor bulls.
  • As per technical chart no3, stock is facing 23.6% fibonacci retracement resistance around 257.50, Once it closes and holds above 257.50 it will favor bulls for next few trading days.

PFC technical charts , Stock looking bullish above 247.


  • PFC moving up from 50% fibonacci retracement in monthly chart, this indicates as long as stock holds above stock will favor bulls.
  • Stock also indicates stock is moving up from 200 DMA , as per technical charts as long as stock holds above 200 DMA stock to favor short-long term bulls.
  • Close watch now MACD indicator turned +ve this indicates we can see some price rise in coming days. As per daily chart stock is now facing 23.6% fibonacci retracement resistance around 247, once stock closes and stays above 247 then further strength is expecting in coming days.

NSE & BSE declare trading holiday on 15th October 2014.

NSE and BSE has declared trading holidays on Wednesday Oct 15, 2014 due to Maharashtra elections. There will be no trading on that day in equity segment. This trading holiday was not included in the previous 2014 trading holidays list. Other trading segments such as mutual fund segment, currency derivatives, equity derivatives segment and other traded segments will also remain shut for the day.

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