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Free Stock Tips - BANK NIFTY moving in a range. Updated on 09th June 2014 (Monday).

  • BANK NIFTY INDEX moving in a range, close watch once comes out in a range will give sharp move.
  • BANK NIFTY also moving above 20 days moving average, indicates will favor bulls as long as stays above.
  • If breaks range on upper side then will face 161.8% fibonacci retracement resistance around 16500.

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Time :- 08th June 2014 (Sun.), 06:30 am

ESSAR OIL bullish breakout and RSI entered in overbought zone. Updated On 09th June 2014 (Monday).

  • ESSAR OIL has shown strong bull rally from Rs.50 and now price has gone doubled, trading around Rs.100. Chart indicates stock is now entered in overbought zone. Careful with all major resistance.

  • Weekly chart also indicates that bullish breakout in Essar oil as stock closed above major resistance, as long as stock stays above resistance looks bullish and past resistance will now act as major support.
  • On upper side weekly charts will face strong resistance around 105, 130, 132 & 148. Close Watch.

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Time :- 07th June 2014 (Sat.), 10:30 pm

Technical chart analysis on Cummins India. Updated On 09th June 2014 (Monday).

  • CUMMINS INDIA moving up from its 23.6% fibonacci retracement, also holding this level from last 3-4 days, indicates stock to favor bulls.
  • On weekly chart stock is facing 161.8 fibonacci retracement around 675, If breaks with volumes and sustains above then can see some bullish action.
  • On upper chart stock to face trend line resistance on 710, 725, 810 in weekly chart.

Next Stock Update - ESSAR OIL
Time :- 07th June 2014 (Sat.), 05:30 pm

BEML technical chart update - Stock in over bought zone - Updated On 09th June 2014 (Monday).

  • BEML is trading in a overbought zone, as we have witnessed sharp up move in weekly charts from 200 - 700.
  • Close Watch on strong resistance zone , stock may see some correction. As shown above will have strong trend line resistance around 771, 965 in weekly charts.
  • Stock will also have fibonacci retracement 61.8% golden ratio resistance around 832. Close Watch.

Next Stock Update - CUMMINS INDIA
Time :- 07th June 2014 (Sat.), 12:30 pm

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