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DIVIS LABS heading for strong support around 1300. Dated:16th May 2014 (Friday).

  • DIVIS LABS heading for strong support around 1300 as shown in chart above.
  • Stock also trading below 20 weeks moving average support, indicates will favor divis labs bears.
  • Close watch if closes below 1300 in a weekly chart then bears to have upper hand in stock and can move the price further down.
  • Stock will face lower bollinger band support around 1250 in weekly chart.
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TTK HEALTHCARE breakout with volumes, Dated:16th May 2014 (Friday).

  • TTK HEALTHCARE closes above its strong trend line resistance @ 570, with long bullish candle and with volumes.
  • Stock also moving above from 200 moving average, indicates stock will favor bulls.
  • On upper side stock will now test its next trend line resistance around 650.
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TATA POWER on the verge of breakout above 88.50. Dated:16th May 2014 (Friday).

  • TATA POWER facing strong trend line resistance around 88.50.
  • Chart indicated once starts trading above 88.50 with volumes then stock will test next trend line resistance around 92.50, 95.
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BANCO PRODUCTS closes above its major trendline resistance. Dated:16th May 2014 (Friday).

  • BANCO PRODUCTS close above its major trend line resistance @ 85 in daily charts, as long as stock stays above resistance line stock can see further up move.
  • Stock will face it major resistance around 98 in monthly chart as shown above.

Another Banking Stock To Catch Fire - UNITED BANK OF INDIA above 38. Dated:15th May 2014 (Thursday).

  • UNITED BANK OF INDIA facing strong 1st  fibonacci retracement around 38.50,
  • Stock Also trading above its 50 weeks moving average , as long as sustains above its 50 weeks moving average will favor united bank of india bulls.
  • In daily charts stock is facing trend line resistance around 38.
  • Close Watch once start trading above 38 with volume then can see bulls to get active in united bank of india and stock can move further up.

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